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The simplest pleasure around. Deciding whether you prefer it in a cup or on a cone is the easy part. The hard part is deciding what flavor to choose. Maybe it's chocolate or vanilla? Or are you a twister (vanilla & chocolate swirl)? Not in the mood for soft ice cream? Well, that's ok because Carvel also offers a variety of popular hard scoop ice cream flavors to choose from.  A wide variety of toppings is also available,

Looking to indulge yourself? Then try a Carvel ice cream sundae. Choose one of our own sinful creations or create your own perfect dessert with the ice cream flavor and toppings of your choice!
Whether it is a classic sundae, a specialty sundae or a banana split it will make you smile. We can also make a party sundae for whatever size group you have. There is no greater impact the a huge bowl of ice cream with all the trimmings.

Need something to knock your socks off? Carvel's Carvelanche is an explosion of your favorite topping mixed into Carvel's delicious soft ice cream. Try an M&M® Explosion, Reeses Rage, Chocolate Chip, Heathbar® Heaven or make your own creation. It's Mega Flavor in every bite!

Thick Shake
Craving something rich and creamy? Carvel has the right recipe for the ultimate Thick Shake. Try any one of our great flavors including vanilla, chocolate, strawberry or coffee.

Smoothies -
A Carvel Smoothie is a cool, thick and creamy drink, blended with real fruit and juices that’s made fresh to order.  Whether you want a Smoothie that’ll help you lose weight, give you a workout boost, increase your protein intake,  give your immune system a shot in the arm, or just plain taste great, we’ve got a Smoothie for you!

Creamachinos - These are kinda like a Smoothie, but made with coffee.  Pictured is the Classic. They are also available in Mocha and Carmel!  CAUTION: These are very addicting (but then so is our ice cream!)

Flying Saucer® Ice Cream Sandwiches
Carvel's Flying Saucers are out of this world! Two chocolate wafers filled with delicious Carvel vanilla or chocolate ice cream make for a fun dessert anytime! Check out our NEW 98% Fat Free Flying Saucers, for that guilt free treat!
These can also be ordered in coffee or pistaccio.

Ice Cream Cakes

Kids love Carvel ice cream cakes because they're all ice cream! Moms love to show how much they care with Carvel! Each Carvel ice cream cake is handmade from layers of premium Carvel ice cream, Carvel's famous chocolate crunchies and creamy whipped frosting.
Carvel offers a variety of uniquely shaped and decorated ice cream cakes perfect for any occasion from an anyday surprise, a birthday or holiday, to an anniversary, graduation or even a wedding.

Those who grew up with Carvel may fondly remember Fudgie the Whale®, Hug Me the Bear®, and Cookie Puss®. These cakes and a variety of other uniquely shaped ice cream cakes are still available. Share the memories or create new ones. Fudgie the Whale has been a long family tradition for many. 

If we don’t have what you are looking for, we’ll make it for you! We have the largest selection of character cakes, if we don’t have it, we’ll get it!

We put photos on cakes too! Want your child on a cake with a character? Just bring in the picture of your child, we’ll do the rest.

Surprise someone tonight!

Drive Through Available!

Bottled soft drinks and Bottled water are available,